Monday, May 25, 2009

The Greatest Gin Rummy/No-Limit Player of All Time

The story of Stuart Errol Ungar is both captivating and saddening. Ungar is considered by many to be both the greatest Gin Rummy and No-Limit Hold 'em player (at least heads up) that there ever were.

* "According to some estimates, Ungar had become a millionaire four straight times, but had lost every penny of that fortune, only to build it up all over again. He was a high roller in every sense of the word, and his world revolved around gambling."

* "Ungar is a three-time World Champion (with five WSOP bracelets). He won ten major No Limit Hold'em championship events (in which the buy-ins were $5,000 or higher). The next two guys in line, T.J. Cloutier (all-time leading money winner at the WSOP) and Johnny Chan (two-time World Champion), have won half that many. Amazingly, Ungar only played in about 30 of these championship events in his life!".

If only Ungar hadn't blown it all away with drugs. Imagine him playing nowadays in the Main Event with fields of 8,000+ people. He'd have the aura of a living legend that ould exceed that of Hellmuth, Brunson, Chan, and any of the other all time greats there.

I am unable to find a tranacript anywhere of the piece ESPN did in him a couple of years ago, but if I find something, I'll get it up.


J.J. said...

Ungar was awesome...

BTW, nice has now been RSS'd...count me in to comment now and then...especially after your delusional Kobe posts...:-).

Deaf Ron Paul Blog said...

Thanks for the compliments. Ungar was genius and depravity at the same time.