Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Best of Kobe Bryant

Love him or hate him, one cannot deny that Kobe Bryant is one of the three greatest shooting guards in the history of the NBA. I firmly believe that if Kobe wins a ring without Shaq, he's Top Ten all time and universally hailed as the second greatest shooting guard of all time, behind his Airness, Michael Jordan, and just ahead of The Logo, Jerry West. If Kobe doesn't win a ring, he'd have gone deep in the playoffs in three/four seasons without Shaq, and essentially failed to win the whole shebang. I'd then have him in the Top 15-20 range all time. Here's two clips showing what future generations will probably recall when they hear the name of Kobe.

The 81-Point Game

Below is the infamous game where at the end of the third quarter, Kobe had 62 points to the Dallas Mavericks's team total of 61 points. Because the game was a blowout, Kobe decided to sit for the fourth quarter. Who knows what may have happened had he decided to be selfish and go all out for the record ? I think he would have hit 90.

Kobe 62, Dallas Mavericks 61.


J.J. said...

Kobe "Ball Hog" Bryant possibly the 2nd best shooting guard of all time?

Wow...I must seriously get my hands on what you are smoking....

Deaf Ron Paul Blog said...

Just curious, but who are your top shooting guards of all time ? Jordan is clearly at the top. After Jordan, it's Kobe, West, Iverson, Drexler, George Gervin and Ray Allen. Kobe is clearly better than AI, and I think he was a better overall player than Drexler, Gervin, and Ray Allen. I feel that the second greatest shooting guard of all time is either Kobe or West. West played with Wilt Chamberlain and Elgin Baylor, and only won one ring. Kobe has 3 with Shaq, and if he gets another ring, I see no reason why he shouldn't be at #2 behind Jordan. If he doesn't, I'd have West slightly ahead of Kobe. By the way, I don't count Elgin Baylor or Oscar Robertson as shooting guards.