Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All-Time Top Two Favorite NBA Games Watched

I have two all time favorite memorable NBA games experienced as a fan. The first was from a regular season game between the Sixers and the Boston Celtics that took place in January of 2006, back when the Celtics only had Pierce. Immediately following the game, I wrote the following post on a Sixers forum.

"I'm thrilled, cuz I got every minute of the Triple OT on my DVR. This was without a doubt the roller coaster of all roller coasters.

We're ahead at the end of the first. We end up down 16 at one point. The worst bench in the league plays extended minutes against Boston's line up while the starters are benched and actually bring us back closer into the game. AI s buzzer beater misses, and the game goes to Overtime. Dalembert plays his greatest defensive game of the year. He actually catches (!) fastball passes thrown to him in clutch situations and finishes (!), along with one of the great dunks I've ever witnessed after a RIDICULOUS CWebb Harlem Globetrotter dribble/pass combo. At the end of the first OT, The Reverse Time-Out by CWebb that had everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, flashing back to 1993. AI's errant bounce pass to a would-be wide open Korver which bounced off KK' s knees, and subsequent primal scream that pissed KK off beyond belief. Them sitting on the bench during the timeout in icy silence with KK steaming and everyone else quiet as hell, which then becomes AI handing off to KK behind him... NOO KK doesnt shoot!, he dribbles (?), he shoots! YESSSSSSSSS!!!! Triple Overtime! Cwebb steals the ball! Then, the most beautiful eight seconds of the game, when every sixer played a flawless passing game of Monkey in the Middle, allowing only 2 seconds on the clock before getting fouled.

What a game! Yes, Mark Blount had a career game against us, which is inexcusable. Yes, Perkins, who usually sucks, was fairly decent against us as he was in the other Boston-Philly game. Yes, there's a lot of holes on the team.

However, when you think about it, any game that has a schizophrenic Chris Webber going back and forth between both Young CWebb (dunking at will, the Reverse Time Out) and Old CWebb (falling down on his knees trying to throw wacked out through the leg passes to Igoudala, using his brains to secure a game-winning steal), the first true benching of our stars of the season, followed by excellent leadership shown by Bubba Chuck, along with one of the top five dunks in Iguodala's career, the greatest shot of Korver's career, and the greatest dunk of Dalembert's career, how can we NOT be fans!?!

Let's hope this game is THE game that kick starts our season into high gear! GO SIXERS!!!".

Looking back at the post I wrote, I have to laugh now. But the funny thing is, the game is still on my DVR and has been on the very bottom of my playlist for a couple of years now. Here's a clip of one of my favorite NBA games of all time.

The other all-time favorite of mine would have to be Sixers at Lakers, Game 1 of the 2001 NBA Finals. That game features the most memorable play of Allen Iverson's career, the crossover stepback and subsequent stepover of Tyron Lue with less than one minute remaining in Overtime.

Off topic, but I know someone who met Lue at some formal party while the Lakers were in town for Games 3, 4, and 5, and he said Lue was a nice guy and there was some friendly kidding about how much fouling he was doing towards AI during the series.

Here's the setting for this game. The undefeated in the postseason Lakers had two of the 20 greatest players of all time. Shaq (Top Ten player all time) was in his absolute prime as one of the two most unstoppable offensive jauggernauts in the history of the game. Meanwhile, Kobe (Top 15 player all time or higher) was just coming into the infancy stages of his prime years.

On the other hand, the Sixers were built entirely around guys who would sacrifice the ball to Iverson, rebound his misses and provide all the dirty work and hustle. Iverson in his prime was just as unguardable from the exterior as Shaq was from the interior. The Lakers were off for roughly a week, and hosted Game One on their home court. Everyone said it would be a sweep, a trashing, an embarrasment.

When the Sixers won this game in Overtime, I went to City Hall, and high fived hundreds of people walking by my car. I'll never forget the thrilling feeling of knowing we were three wins away from becoming NBA World Champions, but it was not to be. This game will always be appreciated, though, because I think everybody that wasn't a Lakers fan was rooting for Philadelphia in this series.


J.J. said...

Yeah, I ROOTED hard for the Sixers back in 2001...it was a memorable time at the bar for game 1...with me screaming at the Laker faker fickle flake fans.

Deaf Ron Paul Blog said...

That was a memorable team for sure. That team reminded me of the 1993 Phillies in many way. A rag tag bunch of blue collar workers surrounded by one super-duper-star talent.There was a picture of Snow, McKie, and AI all bandanged up and dressed up in drummer outfits, ala the revolutionary war. One of the greatest covers the Daily News ever put out. I'll have to look for the cover art.